2017 Chrysler Pacifica is One Fun, Family-Friendly Minivan

Did you know that the new Chrysler Pacifica is an award-winning minivan?
It's true. In seemingly no time at all, the Pacifica's managed to make quite a name for itself. So much so that it's now recognized as one of the best in its class.
The Pacifica's entertainment system is state-of-the-art, and it even comes with -- hold onto your buttons! -- a built-in vacuum!
Of course, once the kids find it you may have to double-up on keeping them from playing with it. But once they're at school, what better way to take care of all their messy crumbs?
Everyone has questions when their buying a car. Just think: what if you only had a very limited time to ask them all?
Yet, this is precisely what Chrysler asked of Jack Osbourne when it came to the Pacifica. 
What did he ask? How useful were the answers? Be sure to check the clip to find out.
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